Traveling with Dogs

Getting ready to take the dogs on a short road trip in the morning with my dog seat cover hopefully helping the chaos of 5 dogs. One of my friends suggested this as an option to help keep me sane and safe.
They all like to ride in my lap and that just isn’t possible, so I needed something to keep them out of my lap. While they are all Chihuahuas and not very large, when you are traveling down the road it is too much for one person to pet on and drive. Loretta Lynn usually gets aggressive when she has to share space in my lap with others for too long. We are working on her aggression. Talladega can’t stand to be too far away from me for long but I’m hopeful that she will sleep once we get going. Rookie likes to ride behind my head in the car but gets car sick at times and this should help with that since she won’t be seeing the road. Tinkerbella & Jackman just sleep after a few minutes anyway. lol

I want to share my adventures with them but I want to do it safely and this is the solution I’ve come up with to help with that.



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