Thank you 2017! Hello 2018!

I know most people have been posting about how glad they are to see the end of 2017 and how rough a year it was for them. Some people will post that every year regardless of what happens to them in that year. Not me. I’m saying THANK YOU to 2017! No, it wasn’t some stellar year where won the lottery or had a HUGE win in other areas of my life. There were actually several setbacks to my career, love life, personal relationships, professional relationships, health and just life in general.


But oh the breakthroughs in each of those areas as well. Sometimes by not getting what you want, you are pointed in the direction of what you need and deserve, both good and bad. Our paths are not ours alone to choose. Our actions, God’s plan and other people’s actions, they all play a part in it. We are put in situations that we would never have dreamed to be in.

So I cheer and thank 2017 for the changes in my life this past year as it strengthened me, it brought new possibilities in my path that I had not planned nor even thought of as being possibilities.

I hope each person reading this will take the opportunity to see the glory of God not only in the wins but the losses. It isn’t easy. It isn’t instinctual until you make it a habit and habits take time.

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