5 Chihuahuas Versus a Pet Hair Lint Remover

As you all know I have 5 lovely chihuahuas. Loretta Lynn is a short hair black and tan. Talledega has short white hair. Rookie is a short hair fawn. Tinkerbella and Jackman are fawns as well but have a very thick coat unlike my other three that have thin coats. So I’ve got all the colors of dogs except for dapple or grey.

So there is a lot of pet hair at the Davis Rescue house.

A lot of hair and a lot of fun, puppy kisses and four-legged love! Talladega Must be in my in my lap and be played with a minimum of an hour a day or she pouts. Rookie is a true lap dog. Jack is sleeper but he wants to be on you sleeping as much as possible. Loretta Lynn is up and down and up and down some more so she touches you everywhere. Tinkerbella however isn’t much for being a lap dog so she’s not to blame for most of it!

So far the best thing I’ve found to use is the Dolce Pet Products Pet Fur & Hair Lint Remover by Peter’s Pet Supplies. It keeps the house, car and my clothes a lot less furry 🙂

I can’t say enough about them. As you can see from my dress, I don’t look like a multi-colored big foot! Get yours today at

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