Hi y’all! I am Hope Davis, a Kentucky born and Alabama raised hard working, sports loving southern girl!

I believe in making memories out of the simplest moments. And get completely giddy making memories with my loved ones.

Being a multiple time cancer survivor I take every day as it is my last and try to make the most of it, even or maybe I should say especially, on the insanely busy, horribly frustrating or spiritually trying days.

You’ll find posts on life, food, travel, music, social media, dogs and much more. 

I’ve actively worked in the music & entertainment industry for over 20 years. I’ve worked at/with radio stations, record labels, venues, artists & event planning company mostly in marketing and social media. In the past few years, I’ve branched out into social media and digital marketing for business outside of the music & entertainment industry.

From birth, I’ve been a “big boned girl” and my weight has gone up and down. What my weight doesn’t do is define me. At my smallest size and at my largest size I’ve always been the same me. I work hard to stay healthy and fit but I do not believe that you have to be skinny to be healthy. I’m a “big” fan of being body positive and being the best version of yourself!