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Foodie Friday: Tex-Mex Lasagna

November 18, 2011 No Comments

Now that I’m in the new house (even though not completely settled yet) we’ve started having Sunday dinner at my house. This past Sunday was the first one and my plan is to try as many new recipes as possible on those days. This week was Tex-Mex Lasagna (recipe I found at It was […]

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Foodie Friday – Corn Casserole

Foodie Friday – Corn Casserole

February 4, 2011 No Comments

I made this for the first time for the work Christmas party this year. It was a great and simple recipe that I’ll be making a lot more in the future. Ingredients 1 (15 1/4-ounce) can whole kernel corn, drained 1 (14 3/4-ounce) can cream-style corn 1 (8-ounce) package corn muffin mix (recommended: Jiffy) 1 […]

Foodie Friday – Chili's Enchilada Soup

October 29, 2010 1 Comment

This post is part of the fantastic Foodie Friday Meme hosted by Designs by Gollum.   This receipe was sent to me by a dear friend and I’ve made it several times & it’s delicious!) And fall always brings out the soup lover in me!   Chili’s Enchilada Soup 1 tablespoon Vegetable Oil 1 lb. of Chicken Breast Fillets […]

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Fresh Face Friday

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Dead Sea Collagen Face Mask

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New gun belly band. #AlwaysBePrepared #GirlsWithGuns

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Keeping It Cool This Summer

The furbabies are going to love getting cooled off with this during the summer heat #tg20 #ad

Glow Amaze Dead Sea Mud Mask

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