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Movie Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1

November 18, 2011 No Comments

I have to say overall, I loved it! Yes there were some cheesy parts but it is supposed to be geared towards young people but then again this movie was not something I would really want my young girl to watch, if I had one. I get the fact that most of the fans have […]

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Movie Review: The Help

October 3, 2011 No Comments

I loved the book and while there were many scenes in the book that weren’t in the movie, I can say they accurately portrayed each character as they were in the book! If you haven’t read the book, you’ll still love the movie! If you have read the book I think you’ll love the movie […]

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Movie Review: Final Destination 5

August 22, 2011 1 Comment

While these are not my type of movies, I’ve seen all of them. My best friend is a huge fan of the genre and this franchise so every time one comes out we go. If you’ve liked the other movies in this franchise you’ll love this one. It has everything the other ones had and […]

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Dawn Is Getting Closer to Breaking…

August 19, 2011 No Comments

The Breaking Dawn (part 1) poster has been released and I’m glad to see most of the cast in it. I kind of hate that the wolves were mostly left out but it’s a busy enough poster with the Cullens, Bella and Jacob I guess. It is funny to me how each movie the hair […]

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Movie Review: Bridesmaids

July 1, 2011 No Comments

I was so looking forward to this movie. I have to say you can only go so far with “Hangover” type humor with women and well I think they blew way past that with the bathroom scene and the bride in the street seen. Once you see the movie, you’ll know what I mean. Most […]

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Movie Review: Tell-Tale

June 30, 2011 No Comments

When this started out I was afraid it was going to be one of those too strange to enjoy type movies. But I was wrong. It was dark and a little twisted but it laid out a great plan of intrigue. Being a big Josh Lucas fan just made this movie a bonus of wonderfulness […]

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Movie Review: Something Borrowed

June 29, 2011 No Comments

I went into this movie with no expectations for it to be great or horrible. I don’t condone cheating and especially trying to steal your best friend’s man. I had no problem pulling against Darcy throughout the whole movie. Kate Hudson played a great bad girl! One thing I liked about this movie is that […]

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Movie Review: An Unfinished Line

June 28, 2011 No Comments

I’m on a Josh Lucas kick and so I’m catching up on films I’ve missed of his. This is such a jewel! It has a superb cast and story! I watched it 3 times while I had it from Netflix. The content is not all roses but it is handled wonderfully. I recommend it highly! […]

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Movie Review: Jumping the Broom

June 27, 2011 No Comments

This was a wonderful Romantic Comedy. It’s nice to see that any family from any part of town can have drama and “those” relatives. It was a fun girls night movie and would make a great DVD rental! – I give it a 4 out of 5 rating. From 2011 PG-13 It’s a comedic […]

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Movie Review: The Hangover: Part II

June 13, 2011 1 Comment

For the most part it is The Hangover but in Bankok instead of Las Vegas and with a monkey instead of a baby. But the first one was hilarious and so was this one. If you loved The Hangover then you should love The Hangover 2. If you’re looking for something new, well you’ll be […]

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