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We're Back…….

July 29, 2003 No Comments

Well the site is back up. Partially but it is a start!!! I’m feeling “spicy” lately and back to my “old” self. Hey NO age jokes guys, I didn’t mean THAT kind of “old”. lol My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the Kreitzer, Johnson, Phillips and Porter families. Know that in spirit I’m […]

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July 25, 2003 No Comments

It’s FRIDAY and seems to be shaping up to be a great Friday at that!!! The weather is great and I’m headed to LV land!!! Gotta love that. Nothing but a great time can be had in LV. Slaughter and Warrant have always been some of my top favorite touring bands and to get to […]

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Movie Time!!!

July 24, 2003 No Comments

Okay I’ve been lost in movie land. lol I have been catching up on some much missed movies and down time. Not to mention rest!!! Let’s see Bad Boys II totally rocks!!! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence just seem to be a hilarious duo. Hope there is a BB3 or more collaboration atleast!!! Had a […]

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July 16, 2003 No Comments

Long day, long night before. Tired doesn’t even touch upon how I’m feeling. I hope all of these meds kick in soon, so that I can feel as “amazing” as the docs keep saying I will. Quote of the day-“It’s now or never in the land of chances.”

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Good day!!!

July 12, 2003 No Comments

The day started a bit late as I slept in. (yay yay yay). I had to get my rest for a day of fun with my favorite guy in the world, Ryleigh. He was full of fun and love and spark. We climbed trees, well sort of lol. Quote of the day-“A truly happy person […]

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For all of my BW fans out there (thanks to Diana) I thought I’d pass this along to you...

More Ch-Ch-Changes

Okay guys and gals… I have updated a bit… along with having my journal on blogspot I have...

Picture Updates Coming

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Birthday Bash 2004

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The site will be changing a bit some updating and so forth…. nothing to major I’m sure lol

Horoscope for Today

Discovery involves falling into a hole abandoned by someone else. Mining is a subjective science — one person’s worthless...

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Yee Haw…

Current Mood: pretty darn good… better than yesterday for sure Current Music: George Strait the Box set… earlier stuff...

Well well well

Mixing work and pleasure has become an artform for me and it seems to really be paying off this...

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