Sabbatical Sunday

Every now and then we need a reset, a day away from everything and everyone. I take those breaks from time to time and call them a Sabbatical day. Typically they are on Sundays or Saturdays since most bosses don’t appreciate me taking one during the work week.

I make a social media post to let everyone know and for those that may not be on social media as often, I send a text to as well. Of course, I give my employers a heads up too!

What is my typical Sabbatical Day like for me?

First thing is that I do not set an alarm and I sleep in until my body decides it wants to wake up.

Second I make myself a delicious breakfast that I cook and not heat up. Usually, it is fried eggs, bacon and either toast or biscuits. (Biscuits are not homemade as I stink at that, unfortunately.)

If it is good weather then I let the dogs out and if not I will play with them to get them worn out while watching television and making plans for my day of me!

Bible study is important to me and especially on days like this. I want to re-center myself and my attitude and not much can do better at that than His word.

Sports are a must if any are on and this time of year they are all on! Baseball, football and NASCAR! Trifecta!

Movies, yes, please! Some of my favorites for Sabbatical Days are Sweet Home Alabama, Hope Floats or countless other RomComs. And if I really feel lazy I will just Netflix binge watch a whole season of Friday Night Lights or The West Wing! I can easily get lost in a great ID Network marathon too. It is whatever my heart desires at any given moment for this day.

I’m over 40 so skin care is very important (necessary) so I will give myself a lot of pampering with facials, masks and all things cleansing and refreshing!

And yes, more great home cooked meals and puppy cuddle time.

At the end of the night, I say my prayers and reflect on what I learned or regained from the day. After a sigh of relief and joy, I put on my eye mask and pull my covers up tight excited to get back into the world the next morning.

I try to be a fantastic and loving friend, helpful co-worker and caring member of this wonderful world. In order to do that sometimes I n, ed to be selfish and work on myself to keep everything churning.

I’m not married and don’t have kids so I know it is easier for me to take a full day. If you have a family you may only get to take a Sabbatical evening or afternoon. Self-care is so important, especially if you love taking care of others. Find your time to take care of YOU so that you can take better care of those that you love.

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